Dress Shape Diary

Dress Shape Diary

The first step to finding the bridal gown of your dreams is selecting your favorite dress shape. A dress shape, or silhouette, refers to the way that a garment is designed to fit on your body, and each shape offers something special and unique to their wearer. To help you get started on your shopping journey, here is a quick guide to the different silhouettes available at Eva’s Bridals International:


Ball Gown

88265 by Justin Alexander

Bold, regal, and statement-making, the ball gown silhouette features a fitted bodice and a dramatically voluminous skirt. This shape is a fan-favorite for both royalty, and everyday brides dreaming of a princess-like look, alike.



F263 by Wilderly Bride

Timeless, effortless, youthful, the A-line silhouette features a fitted bodice and a relaxed skirt, softly falling to the floor from the waist. This airy design is praised by brides worldwide for its universally figure-flattering superpowers.



E261 by Abella

Sultry, chic, and striking, the mermaid silhouette is fitted from the bust through the legs, then sharply widens out into a skirt around the knees. This shape is perfect for the bride wanting to accentuate her lovely figure!


Fit and Flare

1084 by Madeline Gardner

Romantic, versatile, and curve-hugging, the fit and flare silhouette is fitted from the bust through the hips, then softly falls into a relaxed skirt starting at the mid-thigh. Expertly blending the mermaid’s fitted appeal with the A-line’s comfort, this shape gives brides the best of both worlds!


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